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Mass deployment using InTune

Find your license key

  1. Log in at the Bodyguard dashboard.

  2. Go to Installation tab and copy your license key

Prepare installer script

  1. Download powershell script.

  2. Change the first line of the file to include your license key.

  3. Optional: In this script, auto update is enabled by default. To disable auto update, change the second line of the file to "1" (one).

  4. Optional: In this script, manual update checks will be disabled by default. To enable manual update checks, change the third line of the file to "0" (zero). Users are allowed to check for new updates manually via system tray icon. Installing updates requires local admin permission.

Add script into Microsoft InTune

Sign in to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin Center.

  1. Select Devices > PowerShell scripts > Add. 

  2. Enter a script name and description and select Next. 

  3. Script Location: Browse to the location of the script and select Next.

  4. Select No under the "Script Signature Check" section and select Next.

  5. Select No (default) runs the script in a 32-bit PowerShell host and select Next.

  6. Assign any Scope tags (Not required). 

  7. Select Groups, you wish to assign to.  

  8. Click next and Click Add to Add the Script.  

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