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What is Bodyguard CDR for desktop?

The Bodyguard CDR software is an endpoint solution that functions as an invisible agent on your desktop. It operates by intercepting incoming filesystem requests made by various applications such as browsers, emails, Teams, and Zoom.

Each file is sanitized based on configured policies, utilizing our proprietary "Positive Selective" technology. This advanced method reconstructs files using only trusted content from the original file, thereby ensuring complete security.

The software is designed to work with sub-second performance, offering robust protection without noticeable delays to the user. It supports a broad range of file types, making it versatile for various business needs.

As a desktop solution, the CDR software guarantees that file data never leaves the user's device, with sanitization performed locally. This feature ensures a high level of privacy and security for the user's data.

Additionally, telemetry from the CDR software is sent to the Bodyguard platform. This data can optionally be accessed by external data aggregators if required.

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