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Agent version 4.1.0 released

New in this update:

Enhanced Auto-Updating: The CDR Windows agent software now comes with improved auto-updating capabilities. Our engineering team has focused their efforts on creating a smoother, more reliable update process to ensure your software remains at the leading edge of protection, with minimal user intervention.

Here's what the upgrade means for you:

Seamless Updates: With this improvement, updates will be applied more efficiently, reducing the time it takes for your system to have the most recent version.

Robust Mechanism: The auto-update mechanism now boasts stronger resilience to potential network disruptions and system hiccups, ensuring successful updates despite fluctuating conditions.

Less Interruptions: With the updated auto-updating, the need for manual intervention is significantly reduced, freeing up your time and minimizing workflow disruption.

Please ensure you update your software to this latest version to experience these enhancements. As always, we value your feedback and encourage you to report any issues you encounter during the auto-update process.

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