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Agent version 4.2.0 released

What's New

  • Agent Activity Display on Dashboard: In our latest update, the dashboard now provides detailed information about each agent's activity. You will be able to see when an agent was last active and which version of the software is installed. This feature will give you a clearer, real-time view of your network's operational status and ensure your software remains up-to-date.

  • Multi-Device Group Configuration: We've introduced a new feature that allows for the addition of multiple device groups with unique policy configurations. This capability provides greater flexibility in managing devices and policies according to your specific needs. Now, different groups of devices can operate under different sets of rules, allowing for customized and optimized control.

These updates are designed to provide more comprehensive information and control over your network. As always, we appreciate your feedback and encourage you to report any issues you encounter to help us continually improve your user experience.

Please update to the latest version of our software to benefit from these enhancements.

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